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The Safety of Students & Teachers Shouldn’t Be a Question

We live in a time in which fear lingers in the back of our minds everywhere we go --- the mall, the movies, and of course, schools. Parents feel anxious sending their children to school, not knowing if the kiss they place on their child’s forehead before they hop on the school bus will be their last.

Students, from elementary school to college, carry the heavy burden of wondering if they’re safe from harm when their focus should be on gaining new social experiences and growing intellectually. There is no reason why children should fear becoming victims of violence while taking a test, walking through the halls, or learning with classmates.

Similarly, teachers should be able to work in an environment in which they feel their safety is valued. While we can’t predict tragedies, schools can certainly be equipped with the necessary protective measures so that they are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Prepare, Prevent, & Protect with Safety & Security Window Film

While windows in schools provide views to the outdoors and natural light that is proven to foster a positive learning environment, they also introduce vulnerability to the building envelope. Although we can’t completely stop unwanted events from occurring, Safety and Security Window Film is a simple solution that gives windows an enhanced layer of protection.

3M Security Film is a clear, invisible film applied to the inside of the window, holding the glass in place in the event that it’s shattered. This leads to increased protection to those inside, not only deterring criminals from entering, but also reducing the likelihood of injury from flying pieces of glass and buying extra time to react in an emergency. For maximum protection, Safety and Security Window Film can be paired with an attachment system, anchoring both the film and the glass to the window’s frame. Safety and Security Window Film gives parents, teachers, and students the reassurance they need, knowing that safety precautions are in place.


Safety & Security Window Film:

  • Prevents flying shards of glass from harming people if a window is shattered

  • Deters criminals from entering through the window

  • Affords extra time needed to respond in the event of an emergency

  • Provides maximum security when paired with an attachment system


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