Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal and Privacy of Your Space.

Fasara & Scotchcal
Decorative & Privacy Window Films

Besides the general energy inefficiency of glass, another weakness of glazed surfaces is the lack of privacy. A common solution to this problem has been the costly process of acid etching glass to create a frosted appearance and hinder visibility. The application of 3M’s Fasara and Scotchcal Window Films is a fraction of the cost of acid etching, yet produces the same result. We offer a variety of these films, which include one-way window film and patterned decorative films for increased privacy. And unlike acid etching, you can create designs such as company logos or geometric shapes for added visual effect!

Give Your Space a New Look and Increased Privacy with Decorative & Privacy Window Film.

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Explore Our Other Window Film Solutions

As a 3M-certified dealer, we offer top-quality window film solutions to meet a variety of needs. Whether you are trying to regulate the interior temperatures of your home, protect your office building from intruders, or enhance the privacy of your space, Clear Vision Window Films provides the solution to your problem.

Sun Control
Window Films

Our 3M sun control window films are designed to meet all your sun-control needs, including UV protection, heat gain, glare reduction, and energy efficiency.

All Season
Window Films

Designed for year-round comfort, our all season window films help to maintain indoor climate control by insulating your windows against the cold winters and blocking the summer sun’s intense heat.

Safety & Security
Window Films

Safety and security window films provide a layer of invisible protection to deter forced entry and bolster your window against inclement weather and natural disasters.