Maintain a Comfortable Interior Temperature Year Round.

Most people think of window film as a product that only performs during the summer months. However, 3M's All Season Window Films perform year round. Man made heat produced during the winter months will leave the building's envelope by traveling through the path of least resistance --- the building's glazed surfaces. Rather than simply let this heat escape through the glass, 3M's All Season Window Films reflect this man made heat back inside the building, in addition to keeping the sun's heat outside during summer. This can reduce heat loss by up to 30%, saving you money and improving occupant comfort. Additionally, an energy-efficient building puts less strain on your heating and cooling systems to reduce maintenance and extend the life of the equipment.

window films for summer

3M All Season Window Films stop most of the sun’s heat before it enters your building.

window films for winter

3M All Season Window Films reduce heat loss by reflecting back indoor radiant heat.

Invest in Year-Round Comfort and Energy Efficiency with All Season Window Film.

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