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The Need for Protection
From the Sun’s Rays

While the sun provides natural light to illuminate interior spaces, it also presents several challenges to homeowners and business owners. The sun is a source of UV rays that can damage furnishings and fade floors. Its heat transfers through the windows and creates uncomfortable interior temperatures. The sun’s rays cast glare across television screens, computers, and mobile devices, making it difficult to see. People struggle to balance their need for natural light while mitigating these unwanted side effects.

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When It Comes to School Safety,
Preparation is Key

School safety occupies the thoughts of students, parents, and teachers, with “what-if” scenarios lingering in the back of everyone’s minds. Reduce the unpredictability of school safety with Safety and Security Window Film. By adding a layer of protection to windows, holding broken pieces of glass in place, and deterring unwanted intruders, this durable film provides students, parents, and teachers with peace of mind.

Minimize Uncertainty & Take Steps Toward Improved School Safety with Window Film

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Clear Vision Window Films

Clear Vision Window Films offers prompt, quality window tinting services to homeowners and commercial property owners in central Pennsylvania, Delaware, northern Maryland, and northern Virginia. Our 3M window films offer solutions for common sun-related problems, as well as for safety and security, cold weather insulation, and decorative effects. With our reputation for integrity and professional service, Clear Vision Window Films proudly distributes top-quality 3M products and was recently elevated to Gold Dealership status. We are diligent in working with each of our clients to identify the best window film solution to meet their unique needs.

Our Window Film Solutions

As a 3M-certified dealer, we offer top-quality window film solutions to meet a variety of needs. Whether you are trying to regulate the interior temperatures of your home, protect your office building from intruders, or enhance the privacy of your space, Clear Vision Window Films provides the solution to your problem.

Sun Control
Window Films

Our 3M sun control window films are designed to meet all your sun-control needs, including UV protection, heat gain, glare reduction, and energy efficiency.

All Season
Window Films

Designed for year-round comfort, our all season window films help to maintain indoor climate control by insulating your windows against the cold winters and blocking the summer sun’s intense heat.

Safety & Security Window Films

Safety and security window films provide a layer of invisible protection to deter forced entry and bolster your window against inclement weather and natural disasters.

Decorative & Privacy
Window Films

Enhance the privacy of your home or commercial space and add aesthetic appeal with our decorative and privacy window films.

Our Customer Reviews

The job was done in a timely manner, and the result is amazing! We have struggled to keep our showroom comfortable in hot weather, and the window tinting has kept this large room cool and at a consistent temperature all summer! From both inside and outside, it is impossible to tell that the windows have been tinted!"

Patti Hostetler

I wanted take time to thank you for the 3M window film installation. The job went smoothly, was done very professional and is a great product! Your work was top notch on all the windows and doors. My wife and I both noticed a big difference in the air temperature and sun's glare in the main living room. I would rate you 5 out of 5 stars, and would recommend Clear Vision Window Film Inc. to anyone looking to purchase 3M window film."

Stephen Christy

Our Commercial Window Film Clients